The best argumentative thesis statement

The best argumentative thesis statement

The thesis is a brief overview of your research. There are many tips for writing a thesis statement. But which best describes the thesis statement of an argumentative essay?

  1. The main secret lies in choosing a topic

Only a fascinating topic will help you to formulate a thesis perfectly. So choose the question that really interests you.

  1. Explore the topic comprehensively

Only then you can choose a narrow aspect of the topics that will be able to discuss. You can look at feminism in terms of the history of formation, current manifestations, or resistance from the male population. However, if you choose, for example, the issue of gender equality in the Israeli army, it will help to focus on a much narrower aspect of the problem.

  1. Follow the structure of the thesis statement

The thesis should contain the following elements:

  • clearly define the subject of research
  • briefly report what you will talk about next
  • outline your main point of view (or more)
  1. To make the thesis more powerful, express a clear position

Address a single issue in great detail so that all your statements can be supported by the content of the document you are preparing.

  1.  Find unique arguments

The best theses will allow you to look at the problem from a new, unexpected side. They can be made fresh and dynamic, which is what makes the essay so.

  1. Make sure that your thesis can be proved

Do not invent a thesis, and only then look for arguments to support it. This is the wrong way. The thesis is the endpoint of your research, not it’s beginning. 

  1. Formulate theses correctly

Road map – this is another way to call a thesis statement. It contains the key ideas that will be discussed in your main text. With the help of the thesis, you explain the course of your thoughts and your interpretation of the problem. Consider several characteristics of correctly constructed thesis statements:

  • a thesis is your specific position on the topic of the essay
  • a thesis is not a fact, but an assertion
  • a thesis encourages discussion – people can support your opinions, or refute them
  • a thesis is your main idea that you express in the text
  • a thesis tells readers how you will prove your point
  1. Take a very particular tone 

We recommend you to use specific kinds of phrasing and words. Choose a stable, confident academic language. 

  1. Place the thesis in the right place

Both the thesis and its place are essential when writing an essay. Since it is a kind of input in the course of affairs, it is better to place it at the beginning of the work. Namely – at the end of your introduction. 

  1. Do not stretch the thesis

The thesis should clearly and essentially state your opinion, so limit it to one (maximum – two) sentences.