The Annoying Character Analysis Essay

best essay writing serviceFor pupils that really like literature and love analyzing all aspects of the literary work, the character analysis essay can be fascinating as well as a bit entertaining. For a greater part of individuals who are participating in a lit program because it is necessary, still, it may be terrible.

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  1. Choosing the Personality to Analyze

You may be thinking that your major personality may be the least difficult to look into. After all, s/he does the actual most within the tale. Here’s the issue with that:

Everybody else has got the same thinking. And you will find quite a few in your own school who’s really “into” personality analysis. Your own article will probably be compared to theirs, and it’ll show up “short.” For those who truly want to stick with your main character, find a top rated essay writing company and have a literature author that can support you.

  1. The 3 Components of a Personality Analysis

During high school, a character research appeared to be really simple. The personality was basically defined and also his/her character was next described, possibly by incorporating cases from the novel to “prove” that individuality. College level studies are more difficult, and ought to include three features:

  1. Character Type

You will hear such words as protagonist, antagonist, dynamic or static (they can modify or perhaps they don’t), stereotypical (they present a widespread type, just like, a crazy uncle, power-hungry monster, flaky, etc.), round or flat (more than one aspects of character or possibly a one facet), foil (characteristics which can be the actual opposite of the particular protagonist), and a lot more.

There can be also personalities in novels – not really people who “save the day.” They could be heartbreaking (Macbeth), anti- (Jay Gatsby), or romantic (Rhett Butler).

If you are not really acquainted with these types of terms or perhaps just frankly don’t care, you’re better off finding the best article help you can now, to make certain that a person who does care may help you out.

  1. The Individuality Description

The very first thought that may possibly come to mind is the bodily description. However, this can be only essential if the physical characteristics are germane to the character. Ahab, in Moby Dick, for instance, demands a physical description – after all, he lost the leg to the whale he currently chases.

All of the other information will certainly relate to the character type and ways in which this writer discloses the type. You will have to draw facts from your work in order to entirely describe, as an example, how a character changes, if he happens to be “dynamic.”

Often, you need to contain points associated with exactly what motivates a character to act just like s/he does. Exactly what, for example, motivated Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind? Just what motivated Brutus in Julius Caesar?

One of the awful situations you can find yourself in is writing a personality analysis and acquiring only given the work a cursory reading. Currently, the composition is born and you’re scrambling to get a little something to say. You can also try Cliff’s Notes, however, know that a great many other students have the same thought. Your article will “sound” like numerous others.

When it comes to these types of situation, preferable to get the best essay writing services you can and then turn this project over to a person who is totally knowledgeable about the task as well as the figure you have selected.

  1. How the Figure Relates to a Conflict(s)

When you have learned anything regarding the conflicts in literature, you realize there tend to be the common types – man v. man, man v. nature, man v. himself, man v. supernatural, man v. society, and so forth.

To demonstrate how your figure fits in, you need to initially realize the conflict(s) in the novel, and analyze a character’s role in those conflicts. Does s/he increase the level of conflict or maybe diffuse it? Does s/he thwart the actual protagonists’ plans to end the conflict or support them?

A Significant Very last Consideration

Every figure is placed within a tale for a purpose. You need to take into account precisely why your character is there – the following will supply you greater understanding since you write your analysis.

If You’re Experiencing Urgency or Simply Don’t Care

If you do not want to make writing a main component in your own greatest profession, you probably are not too excited about the articles you will need to create for the lit course. That’s fine. However, you do need to get first rate grades in all your classes in order to maintain this GPA upward.

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How to Write Best Essays: 7 Practical Tips

best essay writing serviceIf your teachers have told you several times that you express great ideas but that your essay writing needs polishing, do not panic. Here are some examples of techniques, best essays help that will definitely help you take your writing style to the next level and turn you into a great writer.

  1. Avoid repetition

When you have to write a five-page term paper on a single character or idea, it might seem impossible to avoid repetition. But when you use the same ideas over and over again the reader will consider it a sign of laziness. What you can do, is replace a specific word of phrase that you have already used with something similar, but avoid using words you are unfamiliar with just because they sound good.

You can also try to cross out the repetition. You can do this by circling only the important words that you want to keep and skipping those such as a ‘while, of, it’ etc. Now create another sentence in which to use only the circled words.

  1. Active voice

The active voice breathes life into your essay. To find the passive voice in your essay use for the verb ‘to be’ followed by a past participle, which is usually a verb ending in -ed. For example, “You wrote the article” is active voice, while ‘The article was written by you’ is passive voice. You just have to ask yourself who performs the action, move that person in front of the verb and make the other necessary grammatical changes.

  1. Transitions

Use transitional phrases, such as “moreover”, “furthermore”, “on the other hand”, or “by contrast” to show the reader that a section of the essay ends, and the other starts. It might be helpful for you if you consider them as equivalents of the spoken cues found mainly in formal speeches. They are very useful as they lead the reader from one paragraph to the other, without losing the main idea.

  1. Avoid the ordinary

Avoid all clichés and idioms and replace them with original thoughts and clever ideas. Leave out the metaphors and similes, especially if they are familiar ones. There might be situations when you consider you have come up with the perfect comparison that highlights the main idea of your essay, but an experienced reader might consider it just ordinary. Although there are some types of writing, such as speeches and advertising, that may call for this, in formal writing, they should have no place.

  1. Choose the literary present

Instead of ‘The forest symbolized the freedom of choice’ writer ‘The forest symbolizes the freedom of choice.’ Write everything in the present tense, no matter if you read the book last month or if the author wrote it 50 years ago. Write about the events and characters as if they still exist.

  1. Proofreading

It goes without saying that you always proofread your essay to make it best or anything that you write. It takes only a moment to run a spell check, but this moment will save you from getting a small mark. Read it carefully and find any error before your teacher does. No matter how brilliant your paper might be, spelling mistakes will make it seem junk.

  1. Second opinion

A fresh set of eyes can find flaws that you have missed, from spelling and grammar mistakes to inconsistency in your presentation or the lack of fluidity. Ask someone else to read it and just give their opinion on your essay. It might help you add a new idea or maybe take out some information that was not useful.

At the beginning focus on one or two of the points mentioned above and you will see how your essay-writing skills will significantly improve in time.

How to Write Better Essays: 6 Practical Tips

Writing services

Writing an essay implies an interesting intellectual exercise to craft thoughtful arguments on a certain topic, sometimes within a particular word count. For each student, an essay means the chance of making it a little better than the last one. But how can you cross that line between good and better or even the best?

There are some techniques that can help you achieve your goal and improve your essay writing skills.

  1. Read what others have written

Similar to reading books, reading other people’s essays will help you build and develop your own essay writing styles. Try to read the essays of your academics and peers, on a wide range of subjects. Different disciplines might require diverse styles or arguments, so the wider you read, the more techniques you will get in contact with, that you could, later on, use in your essays.

When you read other essays, also try to be critical. Ask yourself what you like about them, what you don’t like, if the argument is a balanced one and if the writer has applied techniques that you have not seen before.

  1. Build a dictionary

A rich vocabulary will help you express clearly what you mean. You can even build you own dictionary in which to add words that you found somewhere and you would like to use them. Always work to expand your vocabulary as there are always new words that can help you express a point of view more effectively. This method will also help you reduce waffles and increase precision.

  1. Get organized

Before you begin planning your essay, you should think about what resources you will use (the internet, books, etc.) and also make a timeline. Write down everything that you want to read and try to gather all the material that you need. Prepare a timeline for how long you will spend researching and reading, writing and planning, and leave at least a day before the deadline to have time to make significant changes.

  1. Gather information

Some teachers give reading lists for essays; others don’t. But even if you are given such a list, you should go and find other sources yourself, to add depth, breadth and a fresh perspective to your essay. Remember to use only valuable and reliable sources such as academic articles.

  1. Make an outline

Planning is the most important step in creating an essay. Has your teacher ever said about an essay that it has unclear lines of argument or a poor structure? Well, that is why you should not mess this part up. Write down interesting ideas about the topic you want to write about and figure out which is the conclusion of your essay. From this point, you start working backward and create a skeleton with the main points you want to emphasize.

Start filling the skeleton with ideas and information that you have, arguments and nuances. Ask someone to read you plan to see if it’s relevant and if it makes sense. Remove anything that is irrelevant. Now you just have to polish your ideas and organize your thoughts.

  1. Punctuation, tone of voice and syntax

Check if your essay is easy for the reader to understand. Replace sophisticated sentence structures, as well as long and rambling sentences. Be careful about the punctuation, as poor grammar can kill your essay no matter how good it is. Is your tone of voice engaging and interesting? A confident tone of voice will show the reader that you are confident and know what you are talking about.

By applying these techniques, you will be manage to take your essays to the next level and avoid flaws that you used to make in the past.

The Monday Five: Free-Entry Writing Contests (June 24)

June 24, 2013

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2013 Fiction Contest from HorseChannel
Word Count: Up to 1,500 words
Theme: Horse-inspired
Prize: Publication in Horse Illustrated; $100 Amazon gift card
Deadline: June 30

“Finish Roger’s Story” Contest from Chaz’s Blog at
Word Count: Unspecified
Theme: Write an ending to “The Thinking Molecules of Titan,” an unfinished story by Roger Ebert
Prize: Announcement on site is all that’s specified at this point
Deadline: July 18

Flash Fiction Fest 2013 from December House
Word Count: 3 pieces of up to 1,000 words each
Theme: The 7 Deadly Sins
Prize: Work included in Flash Fiction Fest in November; publication in event’s e-book (with paid royalties); chance to work with December House’s editor on a novel
Deadline: August 19

Summer 2013 Fiction Contest from Russian Life
Word Count: Up to 500
Theme: Photo prompt at website linked above
Prize: Publication in Russian Life; box of Russian Life swag valued at $50-$100
Deadline: September 1

The Dark Crystal Author Contest from Grosset & Dunlap and The Jim Henson Company
Word Count: 7,500-10,000 words representing the story you’d tell in a full-length Dark Crystal novel (50,000+ words)
Theme: Prequel set in Dark Crystal world at the time of the Gelfling Gathering, between Second Great Conjunction and the creation of the Wall of Destiny
Prize: Book publishing contract for publication of 50,000 word Dark Crystal young adult novel with Penguin Group, valued at $10,000
Deadline: Opens October 1, Closes December 31

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Note: We do our best to copy details correctly from the original websites, but please verify for yourself before planning to enter any competition.